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Tremblay Performance Horses provides the following services:  

Dany Tremblay, NRHA Million Dollar Rider, Tremblay Reining Horses

We understand each horse is an individual, as are their owners.  For each horse in our care, we develop a particular strategy based upon the intended goal and the targeted competition. 

We offer a comprehensive training program to ensure optimal performance, soundness and longevity.  We invite you to come and see our horses and training facilities, and watch our methods at work.


Whether you want to be a horse trainer or just improve your reining skills, we offer internships and clinics to help you understand, structure and to put into practice all the elements of reining necessary to be a clear and effective horseman or horsewoman. 

As one of NRHA's leading trainers, Dany Tremblay can offer insight and expertise to address a full spectrum of horse training and showmanship topics. Please contact us to inquire about group instruction or hosting a Dany Tremblay clinic in your area or NRHA Affiliate.


We provide honest and clear teaching and coaching at home and at the horse show. It is our desire to help you and your horse compete successfully at the level you are comfortable with. The beauty of Reining and the NRHA is that there are classes for all levels of rider.

From beginner to youth to experienced non professional, we encourage you to come enjoy your favorite sport with us.  You are always welcome with your horse.


If you need marketing services, we offer a complete sales program, which includes everything from preparing your horse for sale, to marketing, to handling pre-purchase exams and final negotiations. 

If you are a breeder, we can offer consultation on choosing the right stallion, and assist in choosing the right programs in which to enroll the resulting foal. 

If you are shopping for your next reining horse, we can use our years of experience and networking to help locate a horse compatible with your personality, and tailored to your objectives and your budget.

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