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Dany Tremblay, NRHA Million Dollar Rider, Tremblay Reining Horses



Dany believes in building a strong foundation with his young horses so they continue to progress as their training continues. He knows that each horse is unique and trains them on an individual basis. Some horses learn more quickly than others. Some are naturally better at stopping, while others require more time to learn how to slide. He strives to train safe, responsive, and quiet horses that are easy and enjoyable to ride. Dany gives great attention to detail in his training program. If he notices a horse is having trouble with a certain maneuver, he will go back to the basics to help the horse understand how to move and react correctly.

He is absolutely passionate about training these horses. He has spent countless hours in the saddle learning how to be a better trainer. With remarkable patience and creative, flexible thinking, Dany adapts his training to bring out the star in each horse. When the devotion of a good trainer meets the enthusiasm of well-grounded horse, something magical happens between them.


His expertise and experience make him invaluable to his clients. Dany enjoys working with and teaching his amateur and non-pro riders. He loves to see his clients learn to effectively communicate with their horses, and be successful in the show pen. 

To tirelessly pursue the highest level of horsemanship. A constant attention to every detail. Surrendering no advantage that can be gained by superior training, feeding, shoeing, and vet work. We understand that this attention to detail, combined with high quality horses creates happy, healthy confident show-pen partners with a desire to win.

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